The Prabhuji Humanitarian Projects is a chain of welfare projects founded by Prabhuji as an expression of his love to consciousness, who is manifested and pervaded in each and every human being. From childhood, Prabhuji had always the urge to share what he had with others. Be it a new ball that he had just received, a toy or food, he would quickly run out to share it with his friends. This deep sense of oneness with others had later led Prabhuji also to wish to share his Spiritual insights and experience with people, to found the Prabhuji’s Gifts company that shares with the world his passion for incense, fragrance and colors, and to establish this inspiring chain of humanitarian projects. Prabhuji’s humanitarian Projects are an expression of his love to the Divine and His creation.

The projects:

Prabhuji Food distribuition

Prabhuji Toy Distribution

Prabhuji Clothes and shoes distribution.

Prabhuji Humanitarian Projects website