Prabhuji Ashram Nature 13

Prabhuji Yoga System

Prabhuji systematized different traditional yogic techniques that helped him to perfect his practice and teaching, and adapted them to the Western public.
Prabhuji Yoga promotes balance, health, and flexibility through proper diet, cleansing techniques, preparations (āyojanas), sequences (vinyāsas), postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation (śavāsana), meditation (dhyāna), as well as locks (bandhas) and seals (mudras) to direct and empower prana.
This style seeks to increase flexibility through asanas, to awaken the vital energy (prana), and to balance the energy centers (chakras) in order to heal physical and emotional pain. It puts a special emphasis on body alignment: head, spine, hips, and feet are kept aligned to promote the flow of vital energy. The preparations, or āyojanas, are specially designed to facilitate the performance of vinyāsas and asanas. Different levels of sequences (vinyāsas) aim to strengthen muscles, increase awareness of movement, and regenerate the activity of the internal organs. At the same time, it is a style of meditative yoga that encourages self-observation.

“Hatha yoga is the path that leads us to the realization of our body as the door and the path towards ourselves…” ~ Prabhuji