Sanskrit, or Saṁskṛta, is the ancient language in which the Vedas and the entire Vedic scriptural wisdom was written.

Ordinary languages were developed by human societies over thousands of years, to communicate worldly needs. Sanskrit, on the other hand, was bestowed upon humanity by the ancient ṛṣis, or seers. These saints who with their pure vision saw reality with clarity, expressed their realization in the most refined (saṁ-s-kṛta) way. So much so, that Sanskrit words, when pronounced properly, bear the same vibrations as the object, action or idea they describe.

Thus, the study of Sanskrit can purify and refine our mind, help us t see clearly the world and open for us a direct door to the timeless vedic wisdom.

Sanskrit study is also very helpful in development of concentration and becoming established in the mode of satwa. The study of the sanskrit language engages the

Our Sanskrit division offers ongoing classes for beginners and advanced students as well as workshops and seminars.